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Seasons Greetings

RPW is now closed and will reopen on Monday January 13th 2020.

RPW would like to wish you a Very Happy Xmas and New Year!


Thanks also for being a brilliant Pilates teacher. I enjoy your classes so much. You are such a professional and always so upbeat, it’s a weekly treat to get away from everything else and breathe nicely.


K. Heathman


“I was made to feel very welcome as a beginner into the class that was quite some time ago and I feel I have progressed so much week by week. Val gives clear instructions and easy to understand demonstrations and if needed gets you into the right positions which can really help. This means each week the Pilates elements are being put together in a precise way which is crucial to its success.

The stretches you get from simple positions are amazing. In a short space of time I feel I have improved both my core strength and my understanding of my own body positioning. This has led to my back feeling the best it has for a long while,  and I haven’t had any flare ups which used to occur before.

I’m definitely glad I chose Riverside Pilates and would recommend Pilates and Riverside Pilates to anyone.”

P Geoghegan – Dentist


RPW  new beginners course at St Saviours Parish Centre in Oxton is now fully booked. If you are still interested in daytime classes at this venue please contact RPW for further details.


“I can’t recommend Val’s classes highly enough. I’ve been going for a couple of years now, and they’ve been a great benefit physically, but have also given me a huge boost to my confidence as Val is a really encouraging and inclusive teacher. As someone who started off with a whole load of physical limitations, I’ve never felt so well supported – and that’s just brilliant! ”

Vicki Adlard (administrator)


There are a few places left in the new beginners class at the Willaston Physiotherapy Centre in Bromborough on a Tuesday morning. Contact the office directly if you are interested in starting Pilates on [email protected] or call 0151 327 3361


“Amazing Classes… Great informal atmosphere but technically brilliant Pilates group sessions…

Val keeps her classes to a size which means that she is able to (and does) ensure that everyone in the class knows what they should be doing and also that they are doing all the exercises safely and efficiently.

Val tailors her teaching to ensure that those from beginners up to advanced are able to challenge themselves and improve week by week.”

If only I had more time, I would love to join in more classes each week.”

N. Travers – Lawyer

Pilates at Work?

If you are having difficulty fitting your classes in during the evening, why not think about bringing Pilates to your work place?

Contact RPW if you are interested and see what we have to offer.