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2021 Terms & Conditions

Group Classes are scheduled and purchased on a  course basis, meaning that you book a particular class (i.e., Monday 5.30pm) for the entire course, which is usually four weeks duration.  If you would like to attend two or more times per week, you need to book into multiple classes in the same way.

All classes are payable in advance to secure your place.

The price for a group class covering a four week course lessons is £34.00 and paid by bank transfer.

(Please note that these prices are subject to review at the discretion of RPW. Clients will be informed of any changes by email)

A full fee may be applicable if less than one weeks cancellation notice is given for a block of classes.

If  a client wishes to miss a course but would like RPW to reserve a place on a following course, this must be paid for in advance.

Course dates are set by RPW and available on request. You will also receive the course dates by newsletter and each new course will be posted on the website.

RPW does not sell individual lessons.

Missed classes cannot be refunded

RPW does offer make up classes subject to certain conditions outlined below:

All make up classes must be taken within four weeks of the missed session and cannot be rolled over.

Make up classes are offered on a space available basis only and cannot be guaranteed.

It is the sole responsibility of the client to manage their make up session within the allotted time frame. If the client is not able to arrange all make up classes within this time frame they will expire.

If for any reason RPW has to cancel a session/s the cost of cancelled sessions will be deducted from your course.

Online classes are for experienced practitioners only.

By taking part in an online Pilates class, you fully understand that your teacher is not able to offer the same degree of personal correction; you agree to take responsibility for your own body; you agree not to perform any exercises or movements that may cause you discomfort; and you confirm that you are fit and able to join the class. You must ensure that you are working in a safe environment and that you are able to clearly see and/or hear your teacher in order to follow instructions and for you to arrange the viewing so that you can be seen by the teacher. It is your responsibility to let the teacher know before the class if anything affects your ability to exercise that day. By joining the class you automatically agree to waive all statutory rights against your teacher.